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Regulatory & Rate Case Evaluations

PRMG provides utility rate and utility consulting services associated with the preparation and review of rate case filing before regulatory commissions that have jurisdiction over such rates. PRMG has participated in regulatory and rate case services for major rate and cost of service filings, limited proceedings dealing with a specific set of issues, and price index and pass-through rate applications and has assisted in establishing rules and procedures for rate filings and public – private rate overview agreements. PRMG professionals have served as an expert witness before federal, state and local (county) regulatory agencies regarding the evaluation and recommendation of rates charged for service. Such testimony has included water and wastewater, electric and natural gas proceedings.

Our Services Have Included:

  • Evaluation of rate base (primarily equity funded plant investment), including performance of
    field work to verify plant additions
  • Review of Operating Expenses and associated company / corporate overhead allocations
  • Performance of billing frequency analyses and revenue verification
  • Evaluation of extraordinary adjustments such as property losses, carrying charge analyses,
    acquisition adjustments, and other utility cost adjustments
  • Allocation of costs and design of rates for service, including service availability and
    miscellaneous charges
  • Preparation of expert testimony and serving as an expert witness during the rate deliberation
  • Providing assistance to client legal representatives during the rate preparation and hearing
    process, including the preparation of interrogatories and evaluation of responses provided by
    the utility
  • Providing assistance in rate settlement negotiations