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Bond Feasibility Studies

PRMG has participated in the issuance of billions of dollars of utility financings. Services that we provide include development of financial forecast and bond feasibility studies, additional bonds test analyses, bond compliance evaluations, providing assistance in drafting of bond resolutions and other financing documents, presentations before rating agencies and bond insurance companies, and other related services.

Bond Feasibility studies are important for both the issuer and prospective bond buyers, as they allow the issuing entity to provide full disclosure to rating agencies and lenders, comply with flow of funds, additional bonds tests and rate covenant requirements, and project utility operations over time. The studies also allow for development of alternative funding analyses for debt structuring.

Capital Finance Planning

PRMG has also assisted numerous clients in the development of capital financing plans that:

  • Identify recommended capital re-investment rate based on consequence and risk of failure considerations
  • Balance capital funding requirements with affordability considerations
  • Segregate capital costs between new and existing customers for appropriate funding
  • Develop a detailed construction cost cash flow monitoring and evaluation program